What is the L.A.B?

Over the years our base of activity and network has expanded quite a lot. Through our daily work and our world-wide travels we have come to realise the many levels of complex potential that surrounds us as movers and humans in today's society and physical context.

More than simply a physical space, 'The L.A.B' is a philosophical framework and mindset, our R&D laboratory, where we allow ourselves to take bigger chances, go beyond to explore the fringes of our core activity and experiment with related disciplines, concepts and ideologies in order to better understand the context in which we exist and work. Some of theses experiments develop into sustainable concepts or fun one-off ideas, while many others fail. More important than the end result, however, is the process which is essential to our ongoing quest for knowledge and quality in our life and work.

Below is a selection of what's in the works or has already come out of the laboratory. If you have comments or ideas, please don't hesitate to get in contact via mail@streetmovement.dk.

Welcome to The L.A.B!