Yes, It’s true
Street Movement is a for-profit operation...  

  • We are for-profit because it enables us to give back to the community and create projects and initiatives that make a real difference for people, or sometimes have a serious political or environmental agenda.

  • We are for-profit because it enables us to have a positive impact on the health of the general population through pushing and changing the norms and perception of physical activity and presence in modern society.

  • We are for-profit because we aim to provide skills and help spark initiatives and movement on a local level, for everyone we work with.

  • We are for-profit because we believe investing in high quality, integrity and values beats mediocrity and quantity anytime.

What we do

Street Movemement’s work is in its essence based on l’art du déplacement - a lifestyle and philosophy which nurtures problem solving, personal growth and the simple joy of movement, with the process and not necessarily the product at the center.

The training and our way of interpreting spatial and cultural contexts are a result of our many years of experience with l’art du déplacement and parkour. Movement is our tool - not the goal. A tool for personal growth and development, and a way of interacting and communicating with our surroundings.

We consider ourselves a part of a movement revolution - an alternative to the popular body culture of our time, which very much focuses on measurable and visual results.


What we want

We are a group of well-founded professional enthusiast who work with spreading what we consider a benign movement-epidemic. It is our ambition to make movement and physical activity a positive and natural part of the modern persons daily life - a goal we constantly keep in focus in our daily work with social, cultural and physical projects. 

We work hard to secure a healthy growth of parkour by constantly questioning and being critical. Thus we actively participate in research- and knowledge based projects as well as in the on-going debate surrounding the areas of health and sports. Our experience is based on many years of teaching as well as physical exploration of the urban space.

Through our close connection to the founders from Paris and London, as well as contacts from the rest the World, we exchange and develop knowledge and ideas. A broad and strong network, along with our vast experience, makes us capable of spanning our work with research and knowledge across a great number of areas of operation. And we are always looking for new interesting projects to help spread the healthy and playful way of moving.

How we get there…



Our teaching is characterized by a great insight into exercise physiology along with well-tested pedagogical and didactic tools. We focus on the healthy process and quality in the training, and not on the fastest way to reach a goal - the training itself hold great motivational qualities. We are among the pioneers of the Danish parkour community, where one chooses his or her own path and progression - that is why it is very important to encourage each individual to take responsibility for all aspects of their training.

We start together and we finish together.
— the Yamakasi

- a mantra which is often repeated in our teaching. Impossible to describe in words, but when we succeed we experience an amazing atmosphere that only occurs when people unselfishly share insight, enthusiasm and recognition. 


Our ambition is to add new dimensions to the man made landscape. To define, shape and re-interpret future spaces, surroundings and objects to make sure they become inspirational and invitational towards physical activity and movement - without compromising the artistic vision and aesthetic value.

Our body is an incredibly well designed machine and an amazingly complex piece of engineering. It has been refined and optimized through millions of years of evolution - and it was designed to move. The setting we choose to create around this masterpiece deserves highest possible level of attention - physically as well as emotionally.


Balance, strength and coordination. The foundation for all movement. Our training teaches us to know our boundaries, physical as well as mental, and how to take it to the next level unleashing our creative potential.

We strive to inspire our audiences through innovative performances and collaborations across different arts and styles of movement. Our people are very well trained.