‘One size’ doesn’t fit all…

We collaborate with other architects, city planners, schools and everyone interested in general, in order to find the one that is the perfect fit for a given situation.

Parkour is a discipline full of hidden potential - from personal development and skills, to physical and mental robustness. Creating the physical framework for realising this potential is about understanding the context and making qualified decisions. It’s about good and intelligent design, creative and functional solutions as well as common sense and responsible professionalism.

Below you'll find a selection of larger scale contextual projects that we have completed. Please contact us if you'd like to know more or you need help on your project - nothing is too big or too small and nothing is definitely ever the same!


From portable equipment to bespoke facility design and installations, Street Movement offer industry leading design and construction services, as well as consultancy on everything from concept and idea, safety in relation to EN 16899 (parkour equipment), to implementation, local ownership and solid anchoring of a project.

2017 Vejstrup Efterskole
Vejstrup - Denmark

2016 Sorø Gymnastikefterskole
Sorø - Denmark

2015 Amager Strand
Amager Beach Park - Amager, Denmark

2012 BGI Parkour Facility
BGI academy - Hornsyld, Denmark

2013 Nordby Skole
Fanø, Denmark

2013 Udsigten - The Viewpoint
Bagsværd Skole - Bagsværd, Denmark

2011 The Freestyle Base
Stige Ø - Stige Island, Odense - Denmark

2010 Temporary City Space
The Carlsberg Grounds - Copenhagen, Denmark

2007 Gerlev Parkour Park
Gerlev Sports Academy - Slagelse, Denmark