This is our guide to copenhagen in the summer of 2016

Copenhagen and Denmark is blessed with a great acceptance of parkour/ADD/Freerunning. As a result we get to train most places without being kicked away and people in general understand that we are not making trouble or damaging property... that is of course not a set thing, so lets try to keep it this way by acting respectfully and act with care of others and our city. Visitors are often keen to see and experience all the purpose built training facilities here, this is of course also covered here since we are the designers of many.  SO This is our guide to getting the best experience while here.

Where to stay?

There are quite a few of options you can consider: Couch Surfing, Airbnb, Camping and of course hostels and hotels, here are some options from Lonely Planet that also gives great travel advice in general.

Why do we not suggest hosting with a fellow local practitioner as an option? Well we do encourage you to try, but the willingness to host people visiting is not as great as it used to be. The reason we think is that we get so many guests here that people have started to be a more choosy about who and how often to host. The place to post about your arrival and wish to be hosted is the facebook page: Parkour DK. This is also where you can connect for more informal training-meet-ups with the community.

This spot is at Amager Beach Park - Photo credit is the talented Andy Day

This spot is at Amager Beach Park - Photo credit is the talented Andy Day

Where are the Parkour Parks?

There are many purpose built training spots, actually if you count them all and include the ones that are basicly just playgrounds its a total of 126 in Denmark. A recent paper from Southern University of Denmark by reasearchers: Signe Højbjerre Larsen, Lise Specht Petersen and Bjarne Ipsen takes look at them and this can be a good starting point to choose which to see. The article can be downloaded here and if you scroll to page 21 you get the overview and on the following pages are the adresses.

The picture to the left is a real summerspot right on the beach at Amager - it was finished last year and we really enjoy it - especially when the sun is shining and its not too windy. It was build to inspire new movements and not only mimic the ones already at hand in other spots - so a lot of funky angles. Find it with this link.

Moving on and to stuff. At StreetMekka, Copenhagen. Credit for edit: Thomas Amled.

GAME Street Mekka

An indoor and outdoor training facility for street sports of many kinds. The outdoor facility can be occupied by classes and jams but is otherwise free to use. To enter the house you pay a small fee for acces on the day in the reception (or join as a member), but like the outside area it can also be occupied by a class or jam.  Jams at Street Mekka for participants aged 13+ are led by coaches - those are fridays 4-5pm (people usually stay longer) and sundays 2-4pm. Here is the schedule and the prices are in the link also. To check for extra-ordinary changes to the schedule check: GAME Street Mekka on Facebook Also you could be lucky to catch a monthly FridayJam (first friday each month) that often includes a big jam.

Sundayjam the 9th of january 2011. Sundayjams are basicly a warmup  - after this its free for everybody to influence the training. Its about sharing good training and fun.

Classes, jams and events

During the summer there are some good stuff you can join - and no we don't include everything, just the ones we are involved in and therefore surely can recommend. If you seek more, again we can refer to the facebook page Parkour DK where various groups and org's are posting.

Parkour Seasons are the only classes running during the summer - but the jams at Street Mekka are also led by coaches - those are fridays 4-5pm (people usually stay longer) and sundays 2-4pm.

Exploring the City is the monthly chance to join us when we present a new or old classic spot (if the link is dead, find it in the top menu under "Classes & Events".

Parkour Origins, Stephane Vigroux does not need further presentation - and we are co-hosting the first stop on his Origins Tour in July.

Move Cph - a movement festival in July that among many other activities also includes parkour.

International Gathering at Gerlev Sports Academy

This is the big one for us in Street Movement, and this time its a 10-year anniversary. It's is a whole week where you stay at the amazing place that Gerlev is, and receive coaching from handpicked international coaches. Also there is time for more informal training sessions and playtime at  Gerlevs facilities to mention a few: Parkour park, playpark, beachvolley, swimmingpool, sauna, gymnastics gym and more that we probably forget here. The food is amazing and the staff are helpful and sweet. The video from last year shows a good picture of what happens and the info + sign-up page hopefully explains the rest. Oh and we have to mention that there is a dinner and a party with the parallel dance course.. FUN.