Born: 1978

Height: 180 cm 

Weight: 75 kg 

Hair color: Blond / Bald

Eye color: Blue



2013 > Member of DS S-230 - CEN/TC 136/WG1 “Parkour Equipment” committee

2012 > Board member at the Danish Institute for Sports Studies (Idan)

2010 > Director, co-owner and CEO, Street Movement ApS

2008 > Gerlev Performance Team - scenography  and choreography  

2000 - 2007: Cand. arch., industrial designer mDD (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, school of architecture).

2002 - 2003: P.E. teacher, the Paul Petersen Institute

Director & Lead Designer

A beast trapped in an architects body - or maybe it's the other way around!

Cand. Arch. & Industrial Designer mDD

ADAPT Lvl. 3 certified coach

Through his education and many years of experience as both P.E. teacher/practitioner and architect/designer, Mikkel has a well founded background in the many aspects of conveying movement and how to create the physical framework for that movement. He is the connection, or interpretor if you will, between the arts. Mikkel is also engaged at a political level, specifically working towards better conditions for self-organized activity - or street sports as some like to call it.  

Mikkel has a movement background in capoeira, skateboarding and basketball. Performing for many years with capoeira and a few with parkour, he has now turned his attention to what goes on behind the scenes, creating opportunities for the next generation of talent.

Mikkel basically handles everything relating to aesthetics with Street Movement - architectural design, graphics, choreography, staging etc.


Selected work


The Parkour Architect

Documentary by Julie Angel for the Flow Youtube Channel