NEW koncept - OCR x parkour workshops

The course will be lead by our most experienced instructors, and the curriculum is selected and tested to improve the performance and quality in movements related to OCR. We can deliver courses in many physical settings of differing durations. Interested in hosting a boot camp? Click the button below.


Parkour & Obstacle course racing  

Parkour is a movement disciplin that, like OCR, works with overcoming mental of physical obstacles. We work with efficiency, speed and creativity.

Unlike OCR we don't work with a finish line in parkour. That means that parkour athletes work harder on the process and we go deeper in the technical perspectives. We aspirer to make our movements as efficient as possible!

our Research

Our experience with the testing of the concept show a considerable improvement in the movements and in the technical understanding in the requirements of the obstacles. All OCR-atheletes, no matter their level, can profit for training the basic parkour techniques.

We have more than 10 years of experience in parkour and movement and we will share this knowledge about our way of moving and show how the practical applications of parkour can boost performance in  OCR.


We will focus on parkour techniques that have a direct transferability to OCR

  • Wall-Run - used on Big Wall
  • Swing technique - used in Monkeybar/Flying monkey
  • Tik tak - used in “Ninja jump” (from Toughest).
  • Climb ups and muscle ups
  • Vaults


Alternative basics

  • Traversing
  • Cat leaps
  • Balance
  • Foot Placement




Oliver thorpe

Oliver has participated in the TV-show Danish Ninja Warrior where his parkour techniques gave great results.

Oliver skill level in parkour is among the absolute elite on and international level.

Peter Mollerup

Peter has been working with the cross over opportunities in parkour and OCR and have experience in training OCR-atheltes in parkour basics to increase their performance.