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Parkour Essentials

- an intensive course focusing on essential parkour movement techniques

Parkour Essentials is an intensive 12-hour course with 2-hour sessions every week. The full course will thus run for a 6-week period during which we will introduce and work on the core training methods and techniques of the discipline.

If you enjoy quality movement in general and are ready to take on and commit to new challenges, this course is for you! You’ll get plenty of training drills, personal feedback in between sessions, along with certain tasks to work on for the following week (aka homework!), that will prepare you for a life of joy and playful movement.

Sander Hartmand in Boston - Photo by Natalia LaPré Bolthukova

The structure

Every session will be structured around 3 main technical categories: Footplacement, Vaults and Creativity & Creative Movement. With these as our base we'll progress through a focused variety of theme-based movements and techniques for each session.

Footplacement envolves jumps, landings, balance work – basically all moves where your legs and feet are the prime movers.

The Vault category is mainly focused on movements over obstacles.

The Creative movement category will focus on moves that are more playfull and often situated on the same obstacle. We’ll try to connect different moves into a longer flow-course.

Sharing is caring

We’ll set up a dedicated Facebook group for all the participants on this specific Parkour Essentials course. In this group you can share small video clips, pictures and other relevant material with the rest of the group. The idea is that we’ll comment and motivate each other to go training during the week, so that we’ll be better prepared for the next class.

Once is never!

After each class you will get home assignments. During the week you will go out and practice one of the newly learned moves, film it and share it with us. We’ll give you prober feedback on your progress and you’re of course welcome to share it in the Parkour Essentials Facebook group so the other participants can comment on your progress as well. The homework is not mandatory but an option for you to get more training and feedback from the instructor during the week.


The course will be held in Copenhagen and you will get acquainted with some of the most classic and challenging parkour spots in our city.

Leading the course will be Sander Hartmand who has more than 7 years of experience in teaching parkour all over the world and is currently finishing his master's in human physiology - check out Sander's his profile here.

All sign-ups are final and non refundable 7 days before the event. 

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In case the event is canceled an e-mail notification will be sent out and the full amount will be refunded.