Personal coaching - payment page

You should only reach this page if you already had your session(s) with your coach from a link sent by Street Movement. Here is the payment form - after filling out the form the product will be in your basket ready for checkout. At the bottom of the page is our terms / purchase policy - if you have any questions please ask.

Until next time - Have fun, train smart and be safe.


Alle tilmeldinger er bindende og kan ikke refunderes indenfor 7 dage før første træning i den givne periode.

Vi tilbyder en tilfredshedsgaranti - hvis du ikke er tilfreds skal du sende os en email på, der forklarer og så refunderer vi det fulde beløb.

Hvis en træning må aflyses sender vi straks en email og hvis muligt også sms notifikation og det tilsvarende beløb refunderes.


Purchase policy

All sign-ups are final and non refundable 7 days before the first class of the give period. 

We offer a satisfaction guarantee - If you're not satisfied with the coaching send us an e-mail telling us why and we will make sure that you get the full amount refunded!

In case a class is canceled an e-mail, and if possible also sms, notification will be sent out and the full amount will be refunded.