Breaking the Jump - Book

Breaking the Jump - Book


The Secret Story of Parkour's High-flying Rebellion - by Julie Angel  |  Hard cover - 304 pages

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  • As a result of 12 years worth of research, this is truly 'The Secret Story of Parkour's Hig Flying Rebellion'. The book contains never heard before stories from the early days before the discipline had a name, and it demystifies the urban legends of who was involved.
  • By Julie Angel, Phd., author and filmmaker.
  • Hard cover - 304 pages
"Breaking the Jump is the most comprehensive and accurate retelling of the historical events and personal stories of the group of extraordinary young men responsible for creating the discipline most people know as 'parkour' today. 

Expertly wowen together through years of hard work by Dr. Julie Angel, the book will take you through the ups and downs, the good, the bad and the ugly that is life and human nature - even for extraoirdinary individuals. Because beyond the obvious, the popular myths, the media hype and polish, this is very much a compelling story simply of people, passion and life. And, as is the way with life, don't expect to understand everything, to get all the answers or an ending. In fact, there can't be an ending, because we're all in the middle of it, writing the next chapter right now...

If you think you know the story already, think again! There are plenty of surprises, details and never before told stories and facts that will leave you amazed and humbled - and for me, personally, with an even more overwhelming sense of honor and responsibility for protecting the discipline that has been passed on to us, than I felt before.

This is an absolute MUST-READ for anyone involved or interested in the discipline at any level!"

- Mikkel Rugaard, Ceative Director at Street Movement

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