Our FAMILY NETWORK is an extension of Street Movement’s firm belief in strength through diversity. The network is more than a social construct. It is an ‘pledge of a deeper collaboration' between select organizations - an informal dedication to constantly getting smarter and wiser about what we do, and to create more and better opportunities for everyone involved - on all levels.

We recognize that many things and processes work differently in other countries, regions and areas, and we know that we are surrounded by people that have valuable knowledge that we do not - and vice versa!

We have an extensive network of beautiful minds and capable bodies all over the world and we’re always open and seeking oportunities for collaboration. However, when going deeper in the daily grind, some connections deserve more attention for various reasons. With the current pledge to Kenaz of Norway and Activita Project of Italy (see belew) we have identified certain factors that make perfect sense on our current path - these include geography, a wide range of different organizational structures, a broad spectrum of diverse skills, roots into other arts, education, businesses and important sources of knowledge, political and financial minds etc.

We hope to expand on this concept and network and we hope that our experience with this, at the same time, common yet individual journey, nationally and internationally, can have value and become a roadmap to others doen the line as well.

Get in touch if you want to learn more - or if you want to get involved!

OSLO | Norway

Kenaz is a voluntary organization based in Oslo. Founded as "Oslo Parkour" the name was changed to "Kenaz" in 2019 as the organization grew and developed.

Kenaz aims to create supporting communities and spaces for self-development, mastery and creative expression through parkour, dance, film and photography and play.

Kenaz has a strong focus on safe training environments, injury prevention, technical training, strength, safety and health. This is done through classes, performancee, events, courses and more.

Kenaz recently opened the indoor space ‘Oslo Parkour Park’ - a hub for parkour and creative movement.

Activita Project

Activita is a collaboration between several highly respected former individual Italian organizations, who came together in 2019 to form what is now known as ‘Activita Project’.

Activita designs movement experiences with the aim of supporting the individual in the development of complete physical health.

The coaches of Activita tailor concepts for everyone's well-being, in full respect of individual needs and characteristics.

From parkour courses, workshops on movement for expert coaches and business training concepts for companies, all activities aim to stimulate the participant to a personal research.

Activita caters to all, whether you are an amateur or expert athlete, who works in complex organizations or small teams.

Activita Project is a 2019 development of several Italian organizations come together. Website is still under construction.