Creativity and working with the arts

Balance, strength and coordination. The foundation for all movement. Our training teaches us to know our boundaries, physical as well as mental, and how to take it to the next level unleashing our creative potential.

We strive to inspire our audiences through innovative performances and collaborations across different arts and styles of movement. Our athletes are very well trained!

We develop ideas and concepts along with our clients to find the perfect visual and creative match for the given job.

We have travelled the World and performed in countries like China, Brazil, Turkey, Norway, Poland, Lithuania, the US and many, many more. We have done movies, TV shows, music videos, theatre and various forms of live performances. We work with many other artist and have friends everywhere - if we can't do the job, we most definitely know someone who can!

Below you'll find a selection of the performance related work that we have done. You can also find more information about our talented performers in the "Coaches & Athletes" section.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, ideas and projects you may have - we'd love to be of part of it! 


2014 "World Champs"
Live showcase for the 2014 Badminton World Championship finals

Filmed during rehearsals as we were not allowed to film during the live performance.

Performers: Julius Hjernø, Oliver Thorpe, Thomas Amled, Andreas Lorentzen, Peter Mollerup and Johan Vang.

Concept & Idea: Mikkel Rugaard

Camera & Editing: Loui Giacomello Scharnberg

2013 "Ghost of a Smile"
Music video by recording artist Peder featuring Martin Kallesøe as the masked brawler.

Directed by: Simon Bonde & Peder

Cinematographer: Kasper Tuxen

Stunt coordination: Martin Kallesøe & Adam Brix

2013 Danmarks Indsamlingen
Charity show for Danmarks Indsamlingen in collaboration with Roskilde Festival.

Choreography and staging: Mikkel Rugaard

Performers: Julius Hjernø, Oliver Thorpe, Andreas Lorentzen, Peter Mollerup, Lavdrim Elmazi & Loui Scharnberg

Footage courtesy of STV Production

2013 "Dengang du Græd"
Music video by recording artist Shaka Loveless featuring Teresa Høy running through the city.

Universal Music (Denmark) A/S

Parkour parformance: Teresa Høy

2012 Fyns Amts Avis
TV spot for Fyns Amts Avis in celebration of their 150th anniversary.

Produced by: Story Teller

Parkour performer: Michael Berggren



Architecture & Movement
- by Ty Stange

An ongoing photography project focusing on movement and architeture.

Check out more of Ty's work here.

New York City 2007
- by Chris McGrath

A shoot for Getty Images featuring NYPK and Mikkel Rugaard.

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Evry 2006
- by Jacob Ammentorp Lund

Images shot during at trip to Paris in the summer of 2006.

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KBH Magazine
- by Ulrik Jantzen

Images for the May 2010 issue of KBH Magazine.

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Tryg Insurance
- by Andreas Lind

Images shot for Tryg Insurance's annual report 2012.