Our teaching is characterized by a great insight into exercise physiology along with well-tested pedagogical and didactic tools. We focus on the healthy process and quality in the training, and not on the fastest way to reach a goal - the training itself hold great motivational qualities. We are among the pioneers of the Danish parkour community, where one chooses his or her own path and progression - that is why it is very important to encourage each individual to take responsibility for all aspects of their training.

We start together and we finish together
— the Yamakasi

- a mantra which is often repeated in our teaching. Impossible to describe in words, but when we succeed we experience an amazing atmosphere that only occurs when people unselfishly share insight, enthusiasm and recognition. 

The foundation of our teaching is the ground pillars of Parkour/ADD. There will always be a lot of focus on strength and movement quality and we put emphasize on the diversity of learning and the philosophical ideas from the founders of the discipline.

Parkour is a process-based discipline, and therefore all goal orientation will be an individual matter.


Parkour Seasons

For the authentic no-fuss, all weather,
all year practitioners

Every week, all levels welcome.
Puch-card based attendance.

Your options

Use the "Classes & Events" drop-down menu at the top to see what's currently on, or get in touch with us if you're looking for something more specific or custom tailored to your needs:

Other Weekly Classes

Most ages are represented, from 6 - old. And there is without a doubt always something to learn.


Customized to meet the wishes of you and your group!

Personal Coaching

It’s possible to organise private sessions for individuals or small groups and they can be tailored to suit all levels of parkour experience and strength.


We strive to complete and challenge everybody's movement pattern - building coordination complexity and self-understanding of our competence.

We focus equally on technical and strength performance - one can not stand before the other. With this in mind we try to create a learning space where movement quality, health and safe risk-taking is a first priority.

Some of our regular weekly classes are run in collaboration with Parkour DK - check out your options via the Parkour DK link below, or go to our Classes & Events via the top menu.


It is very important for us to know you and your needs, so we can create the best possible parkour experience. Before the workshop we discuss all the things that affects the content and choice of the general setup such as: group size, skill level, age, maturity, available training space and equipment.

Our coaches are always well prepared and focused on leading an authentic, inspiring and safe workshop. We really strive to include everyone with good functional movement and challenges that fit each participant. The output is a fun engaging learning experience and possibly even inspiration to continue training after we have met.

Personal coaching

We need to stress that we are not therapists, and we do not offer specialized weight loss diets or extreme muscle growing training programs! 

We do on the other hand offer specialized parkour-teaching, bodyweight strength training, coordination complexity, and self-development through body-mind tasks.

A private session is a great way to get inspiration for your weekly workouts, get inspiration on how to use your neighbourhood playground in a different way or simple a good way to get started with parkour.

IG '13

Our annual international gathering at Gerlev Sports Academy is a prime example of great people coming together - training, teaching, sharing and having a great time!