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Parkour Seasons and/or Exploring
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We train outside every Wednesday most of the year, guides by our most experienced coaches!

Taking it back to the roots! Participants will have to adapt themselves to the surroundings and the environment - not the other way around! 

The core concept of our Parkour Seasons class is to return to the idea of being able to move freely through any given environment and landscape, and being able to activate all abilities and senses towards outside factors like weather, light, traffic, spectators etc. - exactly like in the "good old days". Everything must be processed and the right decisions made within fractions of seconds! 

Parkour Seasons is led by the most experienced of our coaches only, who are able to provide mental and physical challenges for even the most experienced practitioners.


Exploring the City
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This event is our monthly training event outside in the city. Rain or snow, no excuses. 

This event is an opportunity for you to go out and rediscover our city and all the hidden treasures and opportunities it has to offer.



Parkour.DK Classes

Check out our classes in GAME Street Mekka in Copenhagen, through

We offer classes for both kids and adult, check out the weekly schedule.