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The videos in this section is meant as inspiration and a supplement to our teaching program.
The material is in constant development and we try to not overcomplicate things by adding only the information we believe to be most essential.

All these videoes are hosted on Vimeo - follow our Movement Inspiration Album for updates and new material.

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Levels of Learning

1. Imitation: 
On technical movements try to look carefully at how hands and feet are placed, where the center of gravity is, how speed affects the moment etc. - and then try to copy!

2. Understanding:
When you succeed at a movement or challenge ask yourself: What did I do differently than before? Try to pinpoint what works better than something else and why. This will help you understand not only the tecnique or challenge you are working on right now, but other as well. This is very useful for progression!

3. Variation, creativity and improvisation:
Once you feel you truly understand a technique or have solved a movement problem, try to challenge it. Try to make it harder, do it backwards, blindfolded, without using hands etc. This will force you to push your creative thinking and will often make you come up with completely new moments and solutions to a problem, or help you refine certain small elements of a complex technical movement - this is what it is all about!

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