Street Movement believes in challenging the norms of physicality in modern society, to make physical training fun, efficient, relevant, functional and accessible for all!

We are a company build on a passion for parkour and an ambition of spreading the potential that parkour has as a meaningful way of moving and training. This happens through teaching of people of all ages, educating other educators and designing equipment and spaces for parkour and movement - always with self development and safe progression in mind.

Parkour is about overcoming obstacles and solving problems. We train everywhere and find challenges in even the smallest of things - mostly we train in public space in and around town. The ambitionen with this type of training is to develop strength, control of the body, balance, flexibility and self confidence and to learn to be present in the moment.

Even though it looks spectacular when skilled practitioners navigate challenging obstacles, our approach makes it a very safe way of training. The Street Movements coaches are educated to perform exercises correctly and approach the teaching with the level of the individual participant in mind.

The coaches are also educated in the pedagogical principles and values that are key to delivering an authentic parkour experience. Parkour is not a competitive discipline, so people of different levels of experience train together and support one another.

Besides all of the above, Street Movement also designs functional and fashionable clothing and merchandise, and specialise in creative and spectacular performances for film, TV and events.


The work of Street Movement is based on the culture surrounding parkour og l’art du déplacement - a lifestyle and philosophy that nurtures the ability to solve problems, personal development and growth and the simple joy of movement. A holistic culture wherin the process and the the end outcome is the main focus.

The way we train and communicate movement, and the way we interpret spatial and cultural links, is a result of more than 15 years of proessional experience with parkour and l’art du déplacement, and what it means to be a physically oriented human being in modern society. The movements are our tools in this process - not the goal in themselves! Tools that we constantly evolve, develop and refine.

We consider ourselves as part of a movement (r)evolution - an alternative to the average and often misunderstood bodily culture of our time. A culture that tends to focus exclusively on measurable and visual components, as opposed to making an actual difference to the individual and to society as a whole.

Street Movement works professionally on a number of levels dissiminating parkour and the potential that the discipline has, as an accessible and meaningful way of training. Our ambition is to transform physical activity into a fun, positive and altogether natural everyday part of the modern human being.

We constantly work hard to ensure the safe and healthy growth of parkour, by continously asking questions and being critical - especially towards our own work. This is why we actively participate in projects targeted at research and gathering knowledge, and engage in the the ever present political debate surrounding health, sports and physical activity.

Through our extensive international network, which includes the founders and 2nd and 3rd generations of practitioners and communities, we exchange and develop ideas and concepts. As pioneers of the discipline in Denmark, with a unique combination of an extensive network and experience, we are capable of spanning a broad spectrum of interest and focus at the highest level.



Our teaching is characterized by a extensive insight into exercise physiology along with well-tested pedagogical and didactical tools. We focus on the healthy process and quality in the training, and not on the fastest way to reach a goal - the training itself hold great motivational qualities. We are among the pioneers of the Danish parkour community, where one chooses his or her own path and progression - that is why it is very important to encourage each individual to take responsibility for all aspects of their training.

“We start together and we finish together.”
— the Yamakasi

- a mantra which is often repeated in our teaching. Impossible to describe in words, but when we succeed we experience an amazing atmosphere that only occurs when people unselfishly share insight, enthusiasm and recognition.


Our ambition is to add new dimensions to the man made landscape. To define, shape and re-interpret future spaces, surroundings and objects to make sure they become inspirational and invitational towards physical activity and movement - without compromising the artistic vision and aesthetic value.

Our body is an incredibly well designed machine and an amazingly complex piece of engineering. It has been refined and optimized through millions of years of evolution - and it was designed to move. The setting we choose to create around this masterpiece deserves highest possible level of attention - physically as well as emotionally.


Balance, strength and coordination. The foundation for all movement. Our training teaches us to know our boundaries, physical as well as mental, and how to take it to the next level unleashing our creative potential.

We strive to inspire our audiences through innovative performances and collaborations across different arts and styles of movement. Our people are very well trained. 

Values, Responsibility & Commitment

We are not perfect but we do our very best to constantly improve. We have a responsibilty and we take that responsibilty very seriously - it simply wouldn’t be possible to make a meaningful difference if we didn’t!

  • Our Organization
    If the engine doesn’t run we don’t move, and without moving forward and growing we cannot make a difference! That is why we need a solid foundation for the organization - especially with regards to finances. A healthy and smoothly running organization is a fundamental premise and responsibility that we are very aware of.

  • Employees and colleagues
    We have tight social bonds but we are also tied together through business relationships. We try our best to create a healthy, respectful and professional working environment without being pretentious or boring. We make room for freedom and initiative, space to evolve and participation in as many areas as possible. Most importantly we want to create opportunities for a meaningful life for the people in the organization and the families they support.

  • Participants, users and customers
    We need to crearte products and services that make an actual difference - to the individual and to the community. What we offer has to be transparent, useful and accessible - and we have to help where we can when we can.

  • Community
    We are nothing without our community and network. That’s why we support local initiatives a make our platform available whenever possible to create opportunities for others - or to give important messages a bigger voice. This also goes for other issues than those directly parkour-related.
    We try to inspire and influence others to aim for the same high standards as we demand of ourselves and to assume their part of our common responsibility - this also goes for collaborators, suppliers and subcontractors nationally and internationally.

  • Nature and the environment
    We geet around quite a bit and enjoy all the offerings our only home, Planet Earth, has to offer. The wellbeing of our planet is important to us. Street Movement delves into many industries and we are in touch with a lot of people across many areas of businesses and networks. As rolemodels especially to kids and teenagers, and as an established entity, we have a unique postition and opportunity to influence a great number of people - and opportunity that we feel a responsibility to grasp.
    We need to ‘walk the talk’, of course, and constantly strive for a higher level of responsibility and commitment towards the environment - in the little day-to-day things like what we eat and consume, but also int the process of the items we produce and sell, which in themselves consume valuable natural ressources.