Born: 1989

Height: 202 cm 

Weight: 98 kg 

Hair color: Blond

Eye color: Blue



2014 > Research year student at institute of neuroscience and pharmacology

2013 > graduate student at the medical institute of University of Copenhagen

2012 > Instructor at Street Movement 

2010–13 - BA of medicine at University of Souther Denmark 

2010–12 - Instructor and coordinator at Street Movement Odense

2009 - Student at Gerlev Sports Acadamy


Coach & Team Physician

Don't let his size fool you - Lui is a gentle, but very smart, giant!

ADAPT certified coach and medical graduate student

As a medical student, the function and capability of the body is extremely interesting to Lui.

By combining his knowledge about the body, with the practice of parkour, he comes to a greater understanding of both sides.

Lui is very interested in the conditioning part of parkour, and spends most of his creative energy figuring out new ways of making the body stronger without us being concious us actually working out.

Teaching is the most fulfilling part for Lui. He has taught in numerous places and cities around the country, and especially in a lot of low income neighborhoods. 

To see the kids really focusing on the challenge right before them, and helping them to conquer it, that’s why I teach.
— Lui Næslund Koch

Selected work