What is Kenaz / Oslo Parkour?

Oslo Parkour is a recently established group based in Oslo. The group was officially founded by Lars Christian Seiersten in 2016, but things have been in development for many years. The group has now established itself as an association with the aim of delivering quality organized parkour activites - classes, performances, jams, open sessions and self-organized activity at an indoor location/meeting point for the parkour community in general.

Oslo Parkour has a close relationship with the main Street Movement organization, which is helping, supporting and mentoring the Oslo family. Several key figures within Oslo Parkour has been, or are currently, going through the Parkour Educator’s Toolbox with Street Movement, and have spent quite a bit of time in Denmark with our most experienced coaches.

We see a huge potential in this constellation and we’re expecting this relationship to grow and expand in the future.

 Who is Kenaz / Oslo Parkour? 

Lars Christian Seiersten
Lars has been an active practitioner for 14 years and has been teaching for 10 years. He has done everything from radio and TV to large events and performances. Lars is truly a pioneer and has been key to developing several well-functioning communities around Norway.
In the recent years, the focus for Lars has been towards creating a safe and positive parkour community in Oslo.

Kenneth Svenning
Kenneth has been practicing for about 10 years and has done both workshops and performance related activities. Kenneth has since 2016 worked as a climbing- and parkour instructor at Klatrefabrikken in Stavanger, Norway. Kenneth also attended a 4-moth course at Gerlev Sports Academy in Denmark, with parkour as his main subject.

Gerd Kaisa Vorren:
Gerd Kaisa has a master’s degree in contemporary dance, has a practical pedagogics education from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and has been dancing and choreographing for more than 10 years. She has practiced parkour since 2012, received her A.D.A.P.T Lvl. 1 parkour instructor’s diploma in 2015 and has been teaching parkour since.
In collaboration with Street Movement Denmark, Gerd Kaisa premiered Norway’s first all-evening dance and parkour show ‘The Games We Play’ in 2013.

Besides thes three key organizers, Oslo Parkour has several affiliated instructors with the organization.

Kenaz Parkour Classes

Kenaz host open sessions and coached classes at Skur 13, and run classes, courses and other events around Oslo and other parts of Norway.

Please check the Kenaz website for more detailed info!


Skur 13 - Hal B

Tjuvholmen, Filipstadveien 3
NO - 0250 Oslo