Born: 1991

Height: 184 cm 

Weight: 74 kg 

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Grey-blue



2014 < Service economy studies

2012-14 - Member of Gerlev Performance Team touring Brasil 

2012 < Instructor and performer with Street Movement and Parkour DK

2011-12 - Student at Gerlev Sports Academy


Coach & Performer

Technical precision and explosive take-offs are some of Peter's signature traits.

ADAPT certified coach

As one of the more recent members of the crew, Peter's skill has evolved explosively over the last few years. Peter is a charismatic teacher and performer, who always approach things with a lifted and positive spirit. He has succeeded in adapting and implementing strength and technique very quickly in his development as an athlete which shows in his current skill level. His style is classic and he has an insatiable appetite for technical refinement.

Selected work


Hitting Walls

Nothing fancy, just a guy hitting some walls.


The Champs

- a Badminton World Championships Showcase.



TV commercial for DanskMetal (DanishMetal)



Gunz Down Under

Travel film featuring Peter Mollerup and Oliver Thorpe along with the aussie family.