A Street Movement Educational Concept

Our goal with an educational concept and program is that the participants feel themselves grow and brought to a place where theories and perspectives on coaching, pedagogy and education form a solid and directly appliccable foundation for the daily work of the coach and teacher, and for the continued development of his or her practice and teaching skills.  

Our concept consists of 3 main elements, a set of primary tools, which each work great on their own and when used together increases the level and usability exponentially. 

NB: Much of the content is delivered primarily in Danish but we welcome all who may have an interest in our concept - please get in touch and let us know if you are one of these people!

An educational process with 3 main elements



The first tool of the concept is the course and process which makes it possible to give the participants a one-on-one experience with the many concepts and methods that we have testet and applied with great success over the years. 
You don't become a great teacher and coach by simply attending a course, but by practicing the use of the tools that have been introduced to you. That is why, after completing the first intensive course, we tailor an individual training and reflection process with the aim of refining and improving both strengths and weaknesses with the individual participant. We also make arrangements for various forms of ongoing guidance and evaluation depending on individual needs!



Parkour & L’art du Déplacement - from philosophy til practise. An educators guide to a unique movement phenomenon.
The second tool is our book which should be regarded as the perspectival tool that gradually guides the reader from the 'WHY' to the 'HOW' - from the historical background of the discipline, the abstract values and notions, and to the concrete tools and techniques of application - as teachers, coaches and educators as well as individual movers and practitioners. All the elements are equally important, inseperable and interlinked as a whole in every possible way.



The third tool is a collection of inspirational material, primarily as video that dives into the details of techniques, themes and concepts which do not transfer well as text in a book. The content will span from movement techniques and conditioning / strength exercises and to theme oriented drills and games, with variations and scalability. The material will contain both our own stuff with a focus on the pedagogical potential and transferability in actual context and environment for coaches, teachers and educators at all levels, but also material form other interesting and relevant sources. Everything is 100% freely accessible regardles of otherwise engagement in the overall concept. It will be continuously developed and expanded based on participant wishes and needs - with participation form the people we meet along the way!

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  • Introduction & guidance before starting the process.

  • 3 day intensive startup course.

  • Individual guidance after the course incl. a tailored personal training and evaluation process.

  • The book: Parkour & L’art du Déplacement - from philosophy til practise. An educators guide to a unique movement phenomenon. (DANISH)

  • Beautiful hardcover notebook for all your personal golden nuggets and notes!

  • Physical proof of completion (diploma-style + secret surprise).

  • 10 sessions loyalty punch-cards towards our Parkour Seasons and Exploring the City events.

PLUS: The option of purchasing Julie Angel's book "Breaking the Jump" at a special price.

  • Parkour & L’art du Déplacement - from philosophy til practise. An educators guide to a unique movement phenomenon.

  • Hardcover, yarn bound, 24cm x 16.5cm - 194 pages of all our most valuable collected experience through the last 15+ years.

  • Historical overview and perspective - first time ever in Danish!

  • What it means to be a great teacher and rolemodel, and methods and techniques for training and teaching, with a specific pedagogical approach (DANISH ONLY).

NB: This book always comes with booking the course package!



  • Our own video tutorials aimed specifically at coaches and teachers, and sortet by technical thematic categories.

  • Links to other valuable online ressources.

  • References to relevant litterature.

  • Links to other offers, tools and organizations who work with education at a high level.

PK Toolbox - Phases and distribution of the process

The chart illustrates an approximate distribution of the phases of the process. The extent of the study phase is individual and will vary from one person to the next, but one should expect to spend at least 3 months in this important phase.

Preliminary guidance
Information on how to prep for the process, what to bring for the intensive, what to expect etc.

Start-up intensive - 3 day course
A well balanced spread of practice and theory about the history and philosophy of the discipline, momement techniques and the pedagogical potential.

Evaluation and process prep.
Looking towards the study process, this phase is an extension of the individual direction and needs uncovered during the intensive.

Study process - at least 3mo and often more…
Ongoing dialogue and feedback starting from the evaluation and process prep.
The format will vary according to individual needs.
All participants receive a 10-punch card for free participation in our monthly Exploring the City events or weekly Parkour Seasons trainings - a welcome opportunity to learn from and practice with others

Final process evaluation
The ending of this process.
From this point a summary and personal statement is developed, including recommendations and guidance for the future. Participants receive proof of satisfactory participation and completion of the process.
The format of this phase will vary in order to create as natural and authentic learning environment.


- for you who wants to teach parkour:

  • An in-depth understanding of the historical background, development and values of the discipline.

  • Insights to the many pedagogical potentials which parkour contains.

  • Insights into the everyday reality that you have to accept when working with parkour - and guidance on how to navigate this reality in a positive way.

  • Tools for adding perspective to your own practise - both as a coach and teacher and as a practitioner.

  • Methods and exercises that can be implementet directly into your own everyday practise.


- for you who are looking for, or are already employing, coaches and teachers:

  • Upgrading coaches, and quality control/assesment of the product and concept you wish to present and deliver.

  • Extra high level and quality, through the possibility of expanded and closer collaboration through al of the process - both throughout the actual planning, execution and evaluation of the course and educational process, and with the future rifinement and development of the concept.

  • A broader base of highly skilled and qualified people with a direct connection and personal relationship to your organization, thus future-proofing your options and concept.

  • Access to an expanded network of coaches, teachers and educators and other likeminded people.


About Street Movement's Qualifications

In collaboration with Gerlev Sports Academy Street Movement has since 2006 been central to introducing the concept of teaching parkour into the formalized and institutionalized system, as the first ever anywhere in the world. There is at this time no national governing body for our discipline in Denmark and thus no formal national standard for educational processes in relation to parkour teaching. However, we work closely with qualified key actors within both the formalized as well as self-organized sports and educational structures and communities. It's been of utmost importance to investigate and compare similar concepts - within parkour as well as other discplines -to ensure the highest possible quality. That process and critical evaluation is ongoing.

This concept is a result of more than 15 years of work and teaching with parkour as well as in-depth knowledge of other similar educational concepts, systems and requirements, within the public and private sector nationally and internationally. Because of the educational and practical background, network and overall engagement Street Movement is uniquly qualified to educate other heigh level educators and instructors. It is our clear belief that this concept is among the best and most useful around with a level and ambition far beyond what is expected and delivered by most similar offerings in and outside of parkour.

We are constantly developing the concept, discussing best practice and collaborating actively with colleagues across educational and organizational structures, disciplines and national boundaries. This is how we believe we can make sure that the level of quality and autenticity is always as high as absolutely possible.

"Every project that Street Movement has undertaken from the International Gathering events, coaching, presentations, design work and apparel; is done with a level of consideration and quality that I find hard to match in any field. There is never a rush or a reaction to create something, they know their ‘WHY’. 

Their newly released educational structure and concept is no exception. Its depth, attention to detail and balanced approach to providing a complete guide to Parkour coaching through a variety of modalities combining practise, theory, history and application with ongoing instruction is a equal to the religiously high standards they’ve always had. 

Bravo Street Movement! You’ve done it again :)"

- Julie Angel