Born: 1990

Height: 176 cm 

Weight: 74 kg 

Hair color: Light brown

Eye color: Green



2014 < The Games We Play - a dance/parkour performance project w. Norwegian based InTuit Dance Company

2014 - Promoting active lifestylesInternship at Gerlev Ed. Consulting ltd. China 

2012 < CPH Metropolitan University College - BA Global nutriton and health

2008 < instructor and performer with Street Movement and Parkour DK

2008-09 - Student at Gerlev Sports Academy

2007-2010 - member of Gerlev Performance Team touring Korea, Poland and China


Coach & Performer

With the energy of a honey badger Thomas is an unstoppable force!

ADAPT certified coach

Thomas is a very talented and inspirational teacher and performer. His movement quality and skillset is unique and on par with the international elite. He has a humble, kind and straight forward personality - almost always with a smile on his face - and seems to able to lift the spirit of the group, no matter the situation.  Thomas is the go-to guy in any situation. 

Check out Thomas' 2015 video portrait "Et Nyt Spring (A New Leap)" below.

Selected work


Et Nyt Spring (A New Leap)

A portrait of Thomas (in Danish)

Filmed and edited by Søren Beck Nielsen og Robbin Marc Trifunovic




Shooting and editing by Thomas Amled & Loui Giacomello

Also featuring: Peter Mollerup, Lavdrim Elmazi, Max Turchi, Oliver Thorpe


Next Project

Shooting and editing by Thomas Amled

Also featuring: Julius Hjernø, Andreas Lorentzen, Oliver Thorpe, Jim Hougaard, Joe Hougaard, Lavdrim, Johan Vang, Emil, Asian, Loui Giacomello, Tomek, Max Turchi