Back to the roots

Last weekend, we kick-started our new Concept of monthly recurring events. first up: Exploring the City and Conditioning Challenge.

We would like to explain why we've set this into motion and why people really should join.

In Denmark we take pride in our tradition of a highly organized association structure. This has enormous benefits when trying to gather people for set weekly trainings over months or seasons. But we must also confess that in the comfort of all of these benefits, where the training sessions cater to the students as much as possible, we have somewhat neglected passing on a very big part of what it's all about: The real World and everyday situations. With this in mind, we wanted to create something that would take us back to the point of origin of the concepts and ideas that were so graciously passed on to us in the streets of Evry by members of the founding group.

Out of respect for our history and in recognition of the necessity we launched two new events this months - each with a separate focus.

The first event, Exploring the City, is an event that takes you, the practitioner, back to the creative and developmental state of mind. We want to show you the city from a new perspective and give you the possibility to reclaim the intuitive side of yourself and the way you move, in newly (re)discovered surroundings.
With this in mind you must understand, that learning and advancing is a matter of what you do and how you choose to approach the circumstances. You, your body and your mind will have to adapt and improvise.

Exploring the City will gives the responsibility of grasping your own learning back to you, under qualified and helpful guidance and support. This is a key element in parkour and we strive to make that really clear in our approach and teaching with this event.

Open minds and helpful hands is a great supplement to your own dedication - we are all one.

Open minds and helpful hands is a great supplement to your own dedication - we are all one.

The second event, Conditioning Challenge, is our way of introducing others to some of the hardships that can be necessary to go through when we work on our physicality. Parkour is a strenuous discipline both mentally and physically, which is why sometimes it is important for us to challenge ourselves and push beyond what we might think is our limit. During these sessions we create situations that are meant to be tough on your body, but also your mind - we want you to experience yourself in situations that might push and move your limits.
Parkour has the capability to work as a direct link between our body and mind, and with that, our training-ethics and our daily-life. We want to focus on this element of parkour with this event - the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.

If you have been training with us before, you probably already know what we are talking about, and know that we normally implement these elements in our training. We always try to make the conditioning hard and develop our student's creative sides, but we live in a society where the culture is focused on gains and achievements. What do I get out of this? How can I obtain my goals, and how quickly do I get to see the results of my efforts?

These questions are common and we understand why they occur. But our experience is that the parkour discipline is much more about the process of the work itself than actually seeing the results of that work. For this reason we wanted to dig our way back to the "roots", through the layer of dirt, noise and nonsense, and offer sessions which are closer to that reality we experienced when we started training. Back when there weren't any convenient purpose-built parks, and when everyone understood the importance and benefits of consciously going through hardships in the training.

Through this initiative we hope to re-strengthen the mentality and the dedication within the community, but we also hope that more people will get the possibility to enter this movement discipline and feel the joy, rewards and benefits and everything else parkour has to offer.

It is important for the community that we develop a strong spirit and a will to work hard together. We believe that these events will bring us closer and make us train on the same level, like equals, like human beings. 

Train wholeheartedly - with love and respect