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When reinforcing learning goals there is one common method we must stop using!

“Stick it! - if you fail you have to do 20 push ups before you can continue”

I count at least four problems within this scenario… Yet sometimes I catch experienced coaches (including myself 🤯) choosing a “punishment” to reinforce learning goals. Oh you did this too? - don’t feel bad, but allow me to explain why I believe it is not the best way to go.

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Embracing movement

Giving more attention to the movements you do, wether it be seemingly basic ones or complex muscle patterns, you have the potential to develop a unique attitude and mind state. 
I try to present some thoughts on how we can approach various movements and the attitude towards our movement practice.

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Back to the roots

We try to make wholesome decisions, and when we started thinking about our new events, we knew that the quality of what we should offer had to be of high quality and with a lot of authentic strings. 
To make these thoughts and decisions more clear to everybody, we made this small article, describing some of the reasons why we wanted to make new and otherwise different events. 

Hopefully this will clarify our intentions and increase the understanding of our interests. 

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Balance the edge

To move we need to constantly regain balance. But how can we work on this, creatively and purposefully. 

We take a quick look on the mechanisms behind balance and how we challenge these to better ourselves when moving in the diversity of the world.

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Parkour bones

Fractures is not, by our experience, an often occurring event in parkour. 
But it is to some extent a factor that we should put in to our equation when we train, because even though we are well prepared, we might put ourselves in an unfavorable situation.
Get a glimpse on why parkour can be a excellent choice for developing strong bones and how to approach it.

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